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Snail Mail: Ithicos Solutions LLC
1315 Wentwood Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
 Telephone: (415) 683-6158

We try to reply to e-mail and telephone messages the same day that we receive them but certainly within a 24-hour time-frame. We are located in Honolulu, Hawaii which is -10GMT and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Please keep in mind that we are a small company. In exchange for your patience, we can keep our prices low and your tech support questions will be handled by a real systems engineer or programmer rather than a script reader.

Contacting Us For Support

Our most common technical support incidents are related to missing prerequisites, problems related to IIS application pools, or problems related to the service/proxy account: We have three useful TechNotes that usually help resolve these issues.

When you contact us, please submit a support request via email first. Here is some helpful information to provide to us:

  1. The product you are using and the version (such as Directory Manager 2.1)
  2. Server operating system version
  3. Did the software ever work?
  4. Have you applied the most recent Windows/Microsoft critical and recommended updates to your IIS server?
  5. What other web applications are running on the same IIS server?
  6. From the IIS server console, open a web browser to http://localhost/directoryupdate (for example). Are you seeing any errors?
  7. Send us your XML files
  8. A screen capture of any errors you are seeing

Feedback and Suggestions

Our software is customer driven; many of our current features started as an idea from a customer or potential customer. We would love to hear from you. If you have an idea or suggestion for a feature, please let us know.

Last Review: 16 Dec 2016