Documentation is frequently our Achilles' heel. The simple matter is that sometimes developers can write new features, release new builds, and fix bugs faster than we can write the documentation for those updates. We strive to answer the most common questions and write instructions to avoid the most common issues on our Web site and in our documentation. Unfortunately, we don't always get everything covered as much as specific customers may need it.

Please do NOT hesitate to contact us at if you don't find the answer you are looking for in our documentation.

Quick Start Guides

A Quick Start Guide is intended to get you installed quickly and provide basic advice on customization. More detailed tips and information on features available on our Tech Notes page.


For more information on cutomizing please see our Tech Notes page.

Detailed and Specialized Documentation

We have created this documentation for more detailed information about our product as well as customization work that you may need to do.

Licensing and Customization

We are occasionally asked for the text of our license agreement or customization policies.

Tech Notes

We have tried hard to make sure most common questions are answered on our Web site or somewhere in our documentation. Sometimes, though, things warrant a bit more explanation that our documentation or product pages allows. Being a techie-owned and managed company, we like to provide as much details as possible to help you make the right decisions.

Our TechNotes section allows us to provide more detailed explanations and background on topics that we are asked about frequently.