Ithicos Active Directory Attribute Mapping

Occasionally, you will find attributes/fields in our XML files that do not correspond directly to the Active Directory LDAP attribute name. We did this in our original versions of the software in order to make editing the XML files a bit easier. After all, how many people knows that the "l" attribute means "city". Below is a mapping table of attribute names that differ from the Active Directory LDAP attribute name.

Ithicos XML attribute name Active Directory LDAP attribute
lastName sn
nameSuffix generationQualifier
email mail
userName sAMAccountName
office physicalDeliveryOfficeName
officePhone telephoneNumber
otherOfficePhone otherTelephone
fax facsimileTelephoneNumber
otherFax otherFacsimileTelephoneNumber
assistantPhone telephoneAssistant
city l
stateOrProvince st
zipOrPostalCode postalCode
country co
webPage wWWHomePage
notes info
msRTCSIPPrimaryUserAddress msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress