Adding an Additional Instance or Segmented Installation

Directory Update, Directory Manager, Directory Search, and Directory Password are all web-based, ASP.NET applications. These applications rely on an IIS virtual application (aka virtual directory) to provide access to the end user.

Multiple instances of these applications can reside on a single IIS server and be accessed through different URLs/links. Such as:

Each of these “instances” or links has a different set of configuration files on the server.

So, why would you do this? Many of our customers want different instances for different types of users. For example, you might create one Directory Manager Instance for Human Resources and a different Directory Manager instance for the Sales Department’s administrator. Each instance could have different fields available, restrictions, search defaults, or even use a different language.

Creating additional instances is easy to do. Here is an example of how to set up an additional instance of Directory Update so that you have a German language instance called DU-DE:


Here are some tips to help you understand multiple web applications