Supported and End-of-Life Products

In order to ensure the best possible environment for our products to operate, to ensure the most secure operation and to ensure web browser compatibility, we set a minimum level of product and platform support. This does not necessarily mean your software will stop working, but old browser versions, unsupported operating systems, and out-of-date versions of the .NET Framework may contribute to an unstable system, features no longer working, or introduce security issues.

Limited assistance for unsupported Ithicos products and other unsupported software is available on an hourly basis, but we provide no guarantees of successful problem resolution.

Ithicos Products

The following versions of Ithicos Solutions products no longer supported. We recommend upgrading to newer versions.

Windows Software

The following server and desktop operating systems are no longer supported when running Ithicos Solutions software products.

Operating system security patches should be installed within 60 days. Operating system rollups and updated builds should be installed within 9 months.

The following browser versions are no longer support:

Last review: 5 Jan 2020