Reminding Users to Use Directory Update

One of the biggest problems with Directory Update is actually getting people to use the software in the first place. One of our customers penned a script that we further documented and modified. The Directory Update Auto-Launch script will check to see if the user has a phone number and/or it checks to see if the user has used Directory Update to modify their information recently (in the past 4 months by default).

The script is provided to Directory Update customers free of charge with no support and no warranties. It is not part of the Directory Update package.

The script is a VBScript and should be renamed from .TXT to .VBS. Ideally, you should save it to your domain controller's NETLOGON shared folder.

There are some things that you need to make sure you do in order to use this script successfully:

The script takes 2 parameters - the user's name and the URL that you want to launch (the path to Directory Update). Here is an example of how to run the script from a batch file or a logon script:

cscript CheckDirectory.VBS %username% ""