Changing the Maximum Search Results

When you open Directory Manager or Directory Search, a default search is issued for all users (or users and contacts) within the scope of the base organizational unit (OU) you have defined and excluding any types of objects you have hidden.

There is constraint, though. By default, you will only see a maximum of 100 search results displayed in pages of 20 objects each as shown on the paging controls at the bottom of the web interface.


This is by design. The larger the search, the more data that is loaded up in to the grid control that displays the search results. The Directory Manager and Directory Search interfaces were designed as ‘search’ applications rather than ‘browse’ applications. At some point, very large searches would start to overwhelm the web browser.

We did make this parameter configurable, though. If you open the AppSettings.XML file and search for the <userList> tag, you will find a section that looks something like this:


The maxResults parameter controls how many results are returned in a single LDAP search page. You can increase this to a larger number, however, Active Directory limits the LDAP maximum page size to 1,000. This is controlled in the maxPageSize value that is part of the LDAP configuration. If you need to change this to a number larger, you must use the Windows NTDSUTIL.EXE program.

To learn more about the maxPageSize, read the article How to view and set LDAP policy in Active Directory by using Ntdsutil.exe”. We recommend keeping the maxPageSize value below 5000.

Changing the policy is quite simple. Below is an example for changing the maxPageSize to 2000 by connecting to a domain controller named HNLDC01.

  1. Open a command prompt as an administrator (Right click and choose Run As Administrator)
  2. Type NTDSUTIL.EXE and press Enter
  3. Type LDAP Policies and press Enter
  4. Type Connections and press Enter
  5. Type Connect to server HNLDC01 and press Enter
  6. Type Q and press enter
  7. Type Show Values and press Enter to view current policies
  8. Type Set MaxPageSize to 2000 and press Enter
  9. Type Commit Changes and press Enter
  10. Type Q and press Enter twice to completely exit NTDSUTIL

You may need to wait 15 minutes or more as this updated value replicates round your enterprise.