Converting from Evaluation Version to Licensed Version

Ithicos Solutions applications are fully functional in evaluation mode for 21 days. We encourage prospective customers to download the applications they are interested in, install the applications, and test them in their environment to ensure that they work as expected. Our Configuration wizard will allow you to apply a license key any time after the installation (even if the evaluation period has passed.) You do not need to reinstall the software to apply the license key.

  Windows User Account Control (UAC) may prevent the Configuration wizard from saving changes to the Registry. If you get an error, try running the Configuration wizard by first performing a Shift-Right Click and choosing Run As Administrator.

The Configuration wizard for each application can be found on the Windows Start menu. For example, the Directory Update Configuration wizard can be found at Start -> All Programs -> Directory Update -> Configuration. The Configuration.exe can also be found in the .\Configuration folder on the file system, such as in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\DirectoryUpdate\Configuration. To add an license key, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Edit An Existing Instance radio button and click the Next button
  2. Select the domain instance for which you wish to add a license key then click Next
  3. Confirm the information on the Directory Settings page. If the program is already functioning, you probably won’t need to change anything here. Click the Test Directory Settings button and then click OK. Click Next once the Next button is available.
  4. On the License Information screen, enter the organization name that was used to generate your license key. This will be provided with the license key that we send you. We recommend copying and pasting the licensing information directly from the e-mail that we send you. Click Next when finished.

    Ithicos Solutions License Key

  5. Click Finish to close the wizard.
Last Review: 17 Dec 2016