E-mail Notifications

Directory Update, Directory Manager, and Directory Password have the option of sending an e-mail notification when a change is made. In Directory Update, notifications can be configured for three different scenarios:

The application can be configured to send e-mail notifications to one more more recipients. The email can be sent "To", "Cc", or "Bcc".

  Email notifications to a user or their manager depend on the email address attribute containing a valid SMTP address. If that attribute is not populated for the user or the user's manager, individual notifications cannot be sent.

Specifying an SMTP Server

The first item that must be configured in order for e-mail notifications to work is the FQDN of a valid SMTP server. If the e-mail addresses are internal to your organization, then the server does not need to be configured to allow STMP relay. However, if you are sending to e-mail addresses external to your organization, then the SMTP server must allow relay for the IIS server's IP address. The SMTP server to use is configured in the emailSettings section of the AppSettings.XML file:

<!-- SMTP server is used for e-mail notifications.  If e-mail addresses are "external" to your organization, the SMTP server must allow for SMTP relay. -->
  <smtp server="smtprelay.acme.local" port="25" />

Configuring the Notification Types

Within the AppSettings.XML file, there is a section on UserInformation, passwordManagement, and securityQuestions (if DirectoryPassword is installed). Within each of these sections there is an emailNotification section. Below is an example:

<emailNotification enabled="true">:
  <sender address="DirectoryUpdate@acme.com" />:
  <!-- List E-mail addresses seperated by semi-colon (;). -->:
  <!-- Additional e-mail addresses in the addresses option are optional. -->:
  <receipientTo  user="true"  manager="false"  addresses="" />:
  <receipientCc  user="false" manager="false"  addresses="" />:
  <receipientBcc user="false" manager="false"  addresses="HelpDeskSecurityLog@acme.com" />:
  <subject>:User Information Update Notification</subject>:
  <messageBody templateFile="UserInfoUpdateTemplate.htm" />:

Customizing the Message Body Template

We allow you some limited options with respect to customizing the notification template. Each of the notification types (User data, password change, security question reset) have a unique template. These templates are found in the c:\inetpub\wwwroot\directoryupdate\EmailTemplates folder. Note that you can change the text found in these templates but there are no other variables available. Part of this template is shown below.

Email Notification Template