Enabling Wide Screen Support

Directory Manager and Directory Search were designed to fit on to a monitor that supports 800x600 or to fit within an 800x600 window. In today's world of wide-screen monitors and 1920x1280 screens, you may want to change that to allow the Directory Manager or Directory Search screens to automatically scale out to the size of the monitor or browser window. You can do this by editing the style.css file. The style.css file is found in .\styles. Locate the .mainForm tag within this file; notice that the width is set in pixels (760px).

Style.css file controlling screen width

To change the width of the screen to span the width of the browser window, edit the width option and set it to width: 100%; as shown below. Save the file and refresh the browser window.

Style.css file controlling screen width - setting to 100%

Note: The screen width is fixed for Directory Update