Common Problems

We typically see the same problem frequently and we strive to make sure we document steps to prevent them from happening.

  • First and foremost, visit the Documentation page for the product you are installing and look at the Requirements. Make sure that you have met these requirements.

    Frequent problems include:

    • Prerequisites are not met - On your product's Requirements page, make sure you have installed all of the necessary components.
    • ASP.NET is not enabled
    • .NET Framework v4.0 is not installed, enabled, or registered (Windows 2008 R2)
    • Windows 2008 Application Server and Application Server Web Support components not enabled
    • User Account Control (UAC) features is preventing the installer or the Configuration wizard from running

  • Service/proxy account password has expired or changed.

  • The domain controller that the software is using is off-line (run the Configuration wizard and change.)

  • The service/proxy account does not have sufficient permissions

  • The application is not running in a dedicated IIS application pool that uses the Network Service Identity, configured to use the NET Framework 4.0 and is running as an x64 application.