Moving Attributes/Fields on Forms

We have tried to place the attributes or fields on the user editing form in a logical and consistent manner. However, we can't anticipate every possible requirement so you may want a field in a location that makes more sense for your organization.

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We must caution you though that moving fields around on the interface is not supported. If you run in to a problem, we may ask you to restore the settings files to their original state prior to troubleshooting. Our style sheets and layout controls usually work but extreme customizations may break the interface.

There are 2 files that must be modified to move the attribute. First, for Directory Update, Directory Manager, and Directory Search, the attribute in the DirectorySettingts.XML file must be modified. The "tag" for the attribute you want to move must be moved to the other location. The attribute can NOT exist in 2 different places on the interface. In this excample, the title attribute has been moved to just below the display name.

Moving the title attribute

Second, the page that controls attribute placement in the application you are using must be modified.

  • Directory Update - UserInfo.ASCX
  • Directory Manager - SingleUpdate.ASPX
  • Directory Search - Details.ASPX

The ASCX or ASPX file that controls placement is like the DirectorySettings.XML file in that an attribute (or field) can only be in one place on the user interface. You must MOVE it, you cannot copy it. In this example, we are editing Directory Update's UserInfo.ASCX and we are moving the title attribute to directly below the display name.

There are two lines that represent each attribute or field. The first is just a comment and the second is for the placement of the specific attribute.

<!-- Title -->
<ithicos:CommonField ID="title" runat="server" Visible="false" MaxLength="64" />

You must cut and paste both of these lines in to the intended destination in the ASCX or ASPX file. Do not change anything else except the placement. In the example below, the title field has been moved in the UserInfo.ASCX file to directly below the title.

Updating the ASCX or ASPX file

The result is that the title field is now in a new location on the user interface. The above procedures can be repeated on Directory Manager or Directory Search as long as you are editing the correct files. The title attribute can still be set to a drop-down list, read only, etc...

Resulting change to the Directory Update interface