Troubleshooting Application Pools

An IIS Application Pool (AppPool) is a common memory space, shared CPU threads, and common security context that can be run on an IIS server. The web server administrator or developer assigns web sites or web applications to run within an application pool. Having multiple application pools allow different web sites or web applications to run independently and prevents them from interfering with one another. This also permits applications that need limited security permissions from having more privileges than they need.

Our installers create an application pool for each of our applications. If you manually install one of our applications or if you create additional web site or web application instances, we recommend you use dedicated application pools. Our applications require the following properties in an Application Pool.

You can view an app pool's properties by opening IIS Manager, navigating to the Application Pools container, right click on the app pool you want to view, and choose Advanced Settings

App pool advanced properties

Creating an AppPool

In most cases, you will not need to create an additional application pool. To create an application pool called IthicosAppPool on an IIS server, follow these steps:

  1. On your web server, open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  2. Navigate to the Application Pools container
  3. Right Click on Application Pools and choose “Add Application Pool”
  4. In the Add Application Pool dialog box, enter the application pool name, such as IthicosAppPool, and make sure that the .NET CLR Version is set to v4, then click OK

  5. Adding an app pool
  6. Locate the newly created application pool in the Application Pools container, right click on it and choose Advanced Settings
  7. Ensure that in the Advanced Settings dialog box that the Enable 32-Bit Applications is set to “False” and that the Identity is changes so that it is “NetworkService”.
  8. Click OK to save your changes

This application pool can be used for any Ithicos Solutions applications. Our installer does create a seperate app pool during installation but it is not necessary.

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Assigning an Application to an AppPool

The application pool you create can be used for all Ithicos Solutions products. It is easy to change a Web application to another application pool. Here is an example for the Directory Manager application.

  1. Open Internet Information Services Manager and navigate to the Web site that has the DirectoryManager virtual directory / application.
  2. Right click on DirectoryManager and choose Manage Application -> Advanced Settings
  3. In the Application Pool box, change the application pool to be IthicosAppPool

    Configuring Directory Manager to use the IthicosAppPool
  4. Click OK to save your changes
  5. You may have to run IISRESET from the command prompt for the changes to take effect.
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Last Review: 8 April 2018