Here is where you can download the newest versions of the software. In order to maintain compatibility with browser and .NET Framework updates, we recommend customers keep their support current and stay on current builds of the software.

The newest build will always be listed right down to the "point" release of that particular build. If you have v2.1.1 of a particular version of software and we have a v2.1.2, the new build probably fixes a very specific issue rather than adding features.


We urge all potential customers to download our products, install it in your environment, and customize it for your use. You will see how easy it is to get our software up and running. The evaluation will be fully functional for 21 days with no limitations.

If you choose to buy the product, you can keep your customized configuration. Using the Configuration wizard to convert from evaluation to licensed by entering your organization name and license key.

Directory Update
Directory Update v3.3 Current version  Download
Directory Manager and Directory Manager Advanced Mode
Directory Manager v3.2 Current version
*Includes Directory Manager Advanced Mode optional add-on.
Directory Manager v3.3 Early release version
Directory Search
Directory Search v3.2 Current version  Download
Directory Password
Directory Password v3.3 Current version Requires Directory Update v3.3  Download

* Pre-release software versions are software that has completed beta testing and we are now making available to early adopters or to new customers. Pre-release versions are fully supported. Pre-release software moves to current version once we have completed the documentation.

Free utilities and Reference Material

There are a few tools out on the Internet that should be in every System and Active Directory administrator's arsenal.

Notepad++ - Excellent (and free) editor for all types of files

Bootstrap - Responsive, containerized CSS

ADModify - Powerful, bulk Active Directory editor

W3 Schools - Online HTML Reference and Tutorials

RegExLib - Regular Expression Library

LDAP Query Reference

PowerShell Notes for Professionals - Free eBook

PDF Creator - Free PDF writer

Supplemental and Supporting Documentation

Licensing and Support Documentation

Many of these documents are available elsewhere on our Web site but you can download PDF versions here. These documents are subject to change without notice.

Software Licensing Agreements

Software Support Agreement

Last Review: 29 November 2019