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Active Directory password resets and account unlocks consume up to 30% of most help desks time. Directory Password is an add-on product for Directory Update that enables users to reset their own Microsoft Active Directory password or unlock a locked account. You can require that users answer security questions or use a two-factor Authenticator app to verify their identity. Directory Password is simple to install and requires our Directory Password product. Our Directory Manager product can use security questions or an Authenticator code to validate a user.


Password Reset

Users can easily reset their password once they have verified their identity using a web application.

Account Unlock

Simple web application allows a user to unlock a locked user account once they have verified their identity.

Authenticator App

Use of an Authenticator app such as the Microsoft Authenticator, users can verify their identity.

Security Questions

Security questions can be set up in Directory Update to enable user verification. Administrator can define and localize security questions.


Directory Password is interface is completely customizable including all text and labels. Customization is performed in easy-to-edit XML text files.

Audit Log

Directory Password usage is audited to CSV text files.

Email Notification

Notification of password resets or account unlocks can be sent via email to the end user, their manager, or a pre-defined email address.

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User Interface

Directory Password - User Identity page - Ithicos

User Identity page

Directory Password - User Verification Option page - Ithicos

User Verification Option page

Directory Password - Authenticator App page - Ithicos

Authenticator App page

Directory Password - Security Question page - Ithicos

Security Question page

Directory Password - Password Reset page - Ithicos

Password Reset page

Directory Password - Account Unlock page - Ithicos

Account Unlock page

Release Notes and Product Updates

Directory Password v3.5

  • Added the secure LDAP (LDAPS) connections to Azure Active Directory for secure LDAP connections.

Versions Changes / Bug Fixes
3.5.2 Updated the Azure Identity SDK for .NET to 1.10.3 version to mitigate the Azure Identity SD Remote Code Execution Vulnerability.
3.5.1 Updated an email notification to also send the email to a new manager when the manager field has been updated.

Directory Password v3.4

  • Added account status validation

  • Updated .NET Framework to .NET Framework 4.8

Versions Changes / Bug Fixes
  • Updated jquery to v3.6.1
  • Updated to show an error message or hide the password reset option if the "User cannot change password".

Directory Password v3.3

  • Added Authenticator App option to allow users to verify their identity before reseting their password or unlock account.

  • Updated Bootstrap style sheet controls to v4.5.3.

  • Moved Configuration wizard binaries, Settings Updater binaries, and setup logs to "c:\Program Files" folder

  • Added the show password button for password fields in Password Reset page.

Versions Changes / Bug Fixes
3.3.2 Fixed the hashing method for verifying the security questions.
3.1.1 Fixed the passwordStrength indicator to properly display.

Directory Password v3.2

  • Contains all cumulative updates and compatibility updates.

  • Updates Telerik AJAX controls to address potential security issue.

  • Disables specific Telerik libraries affected by potential Telerik security vulnerability in web.config file.

  • Use Directory Password v3.1 license key and all XML files.

Directory Password v3.1

Changed the installer file from .MSI to .EXE and updated the package to require elevated privileges to install and to be a per-machine installation.

Versions Changes / Bug Fixes
3.1.2 Updated the Telerik assemblies to R1 2020 (2020.1.114) version to mitigate a security vulnerability.
3.1.1 Fixed the email notification for account unlock to use the correct template file and subject.

Directory Password v3.0

  • Windows Server 2016 compatibility

  • Directory Update v3.0 compatibility. Directory Update is also now the master location for the PasswordSettings.XML file for Directory Password.

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, browser compatibility fixes, and improved error detection.