Online Demo

A quick and easy way to see our software in action!

Our demo pages are running on a Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual server hosted on Amazon Web Services. Each of the demo sites have a typical configuration of fields/attributes that are visible and/or editable. Our customers typically customize the available fields, add drop-down lists, and configure phone number validation to their specific requirements.

Ithicos Directory Update

Directory Update

The Directory Update online demo provides you an easy way to see one possible configuration for Directory Update. This allows you to connect to our demo server and logon as a test user. Some fields are enabled and some fields are now. When you are directed to the demo site, you will be provided the logon information for the test user.

Ithicos Directory Manager

Directory Manager

The Directory Manager online demo provides access to our demo site where you can log on as an authorized user and update information in our test environment. You can browse, search, and edit user information. The photo editing feature, password management, and the account enable/disable features are not enabled for this demo. When you connect to the demo page, you will be provided with logon information for the test user.

Ithicos Directory Search

Directory Search

Our Directory Search online demo page is configured for anonymous access and allows you to view the company phone directory for a fictional company. You can browse, search, and view user information. No logon information is required for the Directory Search demo.

Last Review: 17 Dec 2016