Directory Search

Active Directory Phone Book

Turn your Active Directory in to a web-based phonebook

Put your Active Directory to Work!

Create a powerful company phonebook using Active Directory and our Directory Search web application. Custom search capabilities let your users find information fast leveraging a directory you already have! Administrator defines which fields are visible and which can be searched. Phone numbers and email addresses can be hyperlinked and used by email client and dialer software.


Customizable search interface

Users can search by name, department, email address, and even title. Searches can be sorted and narrowed down using column searching and sorting features.

User Information

Any information in the Active Directory can be displayed in the user details including phones, address, company, photo, manager, department, and more.

AD User Photo

The user's Active Directory photo can be displayed if the administrator desires to make it visible.


Export search results to a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet.


Only information from your on-premises Active Directory that the administrator wishes to be visible can be seen.

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Release Notes and Product Updates

Directory Search was originally based on the search interface that was originally developed for Directory Manager. Our intention was to give our customers a low cost, easy to use search interface for Active Directory.

Directory Search v3.3

  • Added alphabetical browse.

  • Added a View Details button in the expand view.

  • Updated the user list's column filters to work with export function.

  • Added organizational chart tab.

  • Updated Bootstrap to v4.6.

  • Moved configuration wizard binaries, settings updater binaries, and setup logs to "c:\Program Files" folder

Versions Changes / Bug Fixes
3.3.1 Fixed the query string search.

Directory Search v3.2

  • Contains all cumulative updates and compatibility updates.

  • Updates Telerik AJAX controls to address potential security issue.

  • Disables specific Telerik libraries affected by potential Telerik security vulnerability in web.config file.

  • Use Directory Search v3.1 license key and all XML files.

Directory Search v3.1

  • Windows Server 2016 compatibility

  • Search by OU (organizational unit) feature allows administrators to specify a list of OUs and a friendly name for each. When a user selects an OU, only the users and contacts in that OU (and all sub OUs) are displayed.

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, browser compatibility fixes, and improved error detection.

Versions Changes / Bug Fixes
3.1.6 Updated the Telerik assemblies to R1 2020 (2020.1.114) version to mitigate a security vulnerability.
3.1.5 Changed the installer file from .MSI to .EXE and updated the package to require elevated privileges to install and to be a per-machine installation.
3.1.4 Modified the installer to digitally sign the Configuration.exe and MSI.
  • Fixed issue when enable form authentication and hide domain drop-down list. Also fixed the LogOff button.
  • Fixed the configuration wizard to catch error when testing service account but username or password is invalid.
  • Fixed the installer to throw actual error
  • 3.1.2 Fixed issue when service account's password has been changed.
    3.1.1 Fixed PDF export. Change default page orientation for the PDF file to landscape by adding PageWidth="297mm” and PageHeight=“210mm”.

    Directory Search v3.0

    • Completely redesigned user interface; it is both fairly but also refreshed and updated.

    • Windows Server 2012 / Windows Server 2012 R2 support. Windows 2008 x64 / Windows 2008 R2 support. Contact support about x86 support.