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Empower your users

Enable users to update their own information in Active Directory, the Exchange Global Address List, and Microsoft 365 as well as manage distribution list group membership using an easy-to-use web application that you host on an internal Internet Information Server (IIS). The administrator specifies which attributes can be updated as well as validation rules that help you ensure information is valid and current.


User Information Update

Customizable web interface allows users to update their own phone numbers, address, title, department, company, or other information.

Password Change

Allow your users to change their password through the web interface while enforcing your organization's password rules.

Group Management

Users can add and remove members to on-premises and M365 distribution groups to which they are assigned as a manager.

Office 365 Photo Upload

Photos can be uploaded to your local Active Directory as well as directly to M365 photos.

Data Validation

Standardize and structure user input using required fields, default values, dropdown lists, and data formatting rules.

Address Sets

The address sets feature enables easy selection of address fields based on the selection of a single value such the office name.


Define a relationship between two fields (such as Division to Department) such that users only see relevant choices in dropdown lists.

PowerShell Integration

Execute customer developed PowerShell scripts each time a user performs an update.

Audit Log

Each user's last update time can be written to Active Directory. Usage and updates also written to CSV files.

Email Notification

Send email notifications to the end user, their manager, or a pre-defined email address documenting changes made.

Password Expiration Reminder

Remind users to change their password before it expires so they don't get locked out of their Active Directory accounts.


Configuration is easy via XML configuration files. All help text, buttons text, note fields, and field labels can be changed.

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User Interface

Directory Update forms-based login page - Ithicos

Forms-based login page

Self service Active Directory update form - Ithicos

User Information tab

Directory update - Active Directory Photo - Ithicos

Photo Upload

Directory Update - Password Change - Ithicos

Password Change tab

Directory Update - Identity Verification tab - Ithicos

Identity Verification tab

Directory Update - Authenticator App - Ithicos

Seting up Password Reset Authenticator App

Directory Update - Answering Password Reset Security Questions - Ithicos

Answering Password Reset Security Questions

Directory Update - Group Management tab - Ithicos

Group Management tab

Directory Update - Managing a group's members - Ithicos

Managing a group's members

Release Notes and Product Updates

Directory Update has been in continual development since 2006. We release a new version about once every six to nine months. The features and functionality in those new releases reflect customer requests, bug fixes, updates to support new browsers/operating systems, and more.

Note that most new versions of Directory Update require a new license key. Please contact support(at) if you wish to determine if your eligible for a free update.

Existing customers: You cannot just install the new version over the top of the old version. See Upgrading TechNotes

Directory Update v3.5

  • Added the secure LDAP (LDAPS) connections to Azure Active Directory for secure LDAP connections.

Versions Changes / Bug Fixes
3.5.3 Fixed the showOnlyExchangeEnabledUsers filter to use the "mail" attribute instead of "mailNickName" attribute as a filter.
3.5.2 Updated the Azure Identity SDK for .NET to 1.10.3 version to mitigate the Azure Identity SD Remote Code Execution Vulnerability.
3.5.1 Updated an email notification to also send the email to a new manager when the manager field has been updated.

Directory Update v3.4

  • Updated M365 photo update to use Microsoft.Graph

  • Updated .NET Framework to .NET Framework 4.8

Versions Changes / Bug Fixes
3.4.3 Fixed the issue when there was an error when updating info but an exception was not thrown because the Asynchronous method.
3.4.2 Hid the password change tab if a user cannot change password.
  • Updated jquery to v3.6.1
  • Increased the MaxLength of password fields from 30 to 40.

Directory Update v3.3

  • Added the new Identity Verification tab that include the Authenticator App option to allow users to verify their identity before reseting their password.

  • Added the ability to execute a PowerShell script after user information updated.

  • New feature - On-premises group membership management

  • Updated SubSettings.xml and AddressSettings.xml to the new format and included those files in Settings Updater wizard.

  • Updated the country field, so it can be read-only when used in Address Set.

  • Added a custom LDAP filter for lookup fields.

  • Added the show password button for password fields in Password Change tab.

  • Removed Telerik's RadAsyncUpload from photo upload feature and disabled AsyncUpload Handler in web.config

  • Updated Bootstrap style sheet controls to v4.5.3.

  • Moved Configuration wizard binaries, Settings Updater binaries, and setup logs to "c:\Program Files" folder

Versions Changes / Bug Fixes
3.3.5 Fixed the audit attribute to write to attribute when users click on the Update button even if the info has not been updated, so the auto launch script sill works.
3.3.4 Fixed UI issues with double wide and horizon form.
3.3.3 Fixed the group management to use the common name attribute instead of the display name attribute as the group name since the display name is not required.
3.3.2 Fixed the number of options of security question.
3.3.1 Fixed direct reports to display in read-only textbox.

Directory Update v3.2

  • Password expiration reminder feature

  • Contains all cumulative updates and compatibility updates.

  • Updates Telerik AJAX controls to address potential security issue.

  • Adds location in web.config file for customer generated machine validation keys.

  • Use Directory Update v3.1 license key and all XML files.

Directory Update v3.1

  • Office 365 direct photo uploads. The Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect (AADC) only syncs small photos (less than 10KB, but 130x130. In addition to adding a small photo to the local Active Directory, we upload a photo up to 648x648 to O365. (Typically, the photo is stored in the Exchange mailbox (Exchange Online or ExO) rather than the Azure Active Directory.)

  • Logon form Captcha option – This is enabled in the AppSettings.XML file.

  • Installer now also installs all prerequisites

  • Improve application's security including disabling auto complete on form.

  • New email template for User Information's email notification

  • Updates to use some newer .NET Framework libraries for Active Directory connectivity.

Versions Changes / Bug Fixes
3.1.9 Updated the Telerik assemblies to R1 2020 (2020.1.114) version to mitigate a security vulnerability.
3.1.8 Fixed the checkbox type to correctly set the checkbox if the value in AD is true.
3.1.7 Updated prerequisite script to support Windows 2019.
3.1.6 Changed the installer file from .MSI to .EXE and updated the package to require elevated privileges to install and to be a per-machine installation.
3.1.5 Fixed issue with Subset feature when using the country field as a parent field.
3.1.4 Fixed the layout of field's example text to properly align with field label.
3.1.3 Fixed issue with assistant field when setAssistantPhone="true".
3.1.2 Updated Office 365 Photo upload to better handle exceptions and errors returned from PowerShell.
3.1.1 Updated Office 365 feature by adding attribute to specify what AD attribute to map to O365 attribute and it it is left blank, just create large photo without uploading to O365.

Directory Update v3.0

  • Windows Server 2016 compatibility

  • Fields (attributes) can now be moved around and added to the interface by modifying only the DirectorySettings.XML file (no modifications required in ASPX files!).

  • Improved photo upload feature; more intuitive and fewer clicks to upload a photo.

  • New boolean attribute type; set field type to "checkbox".

  • Limited abilities to specify authorized users based on the organizational unit (OU) in which the user account is contained.

  • Updated screen and sizing controls; now using Bootstrap style sheets for better screen resizing.

  • Directory Password v3.0 compatibility.

  • Attributes' LDAP attribute names and maximum field lengths are now defined in the XML file.

  • Directory Update is now the master location for the PasswordSettings.XML file if you use Directory Password or Directory Manager.

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, browser compatibility fixes, and improved error detection.

Versions Changes / Bug Fixes
3.0.3 Fixed direct report when was set to be visible.
3.0.2 Fixed the issue with adding additional domain and getting netBiosName of domain in multi-domain environment.
3.0.1 Changed encoding for DirectorySettings.xml from ISO to utf-8.