Ithicos Solutions Services

Custom development, support, and consulting available

We understand that at times our products are "just about" the right fit for your business, but there might be a missing piece. Whether this is a simple feature update or a significant customization, we will work with your organization to determine the right solution.

Ithicos Solutions offers custom development at a very reasonable price as well as Active Directory and Exchange consulting engagements. Note that we commit to a limited number of custom development and consulting projects each year. Each project is evaluated to determine if it makes sense for both you, the customer, as well as Ithicos Solutions. Projects are carefully scoped and a statement of work is developed to ensure that services are delivered on time.

As part of our service commitment to our customer, we offer ongoing support (maintenance, software updates, and technical support) after purchase. Depending on the product, additional years of support are available at between 20% and 30% of the current cost of the product.

Ithicos Solutions offers limited support services and software development outside of the scope of our basic product support services.

Software Installation Support

We offer a limited engagement support services for new product purchases when supporting current releases of our software. This option may be purchased at the time software products are purchased or within the first 30 days after purchase.

Service consists of a maximum of two (2) hours on phone support or phone and remote view technology such as Microsoft Teams, Teamviewer, or GoToMeeting (if permitted by the customer’s IT security policies.) Ithicos will provide a systems consultant or developer for this service.

The purpose of this service is to assist customers that are not comfortable with installing Internet Information Server (IIS) and .NET Framework applications and would like ‘over-the-shoulder' support and instruction. The service includes assisting customers with application customization with the exception of customizing styles or code behavior. All hands-on work must still be performed by the purchasing company’s personnel. All prerequisites for software installation must have been completed prior to the start of the support sessions.

Installation support sessions must be completed within 30 calendars of purchase. The sessions can be either a single two hour session or broken up into two one-hour sessions. Sessions must be scheduled a minimum of two business days prior to starting. Any unused time remaining at the end of 30 days is forfeited. Sessions may be scheduled between 7AM until 7PM US Mountain time (-7 GMT).

Ithicos Solutions Custom Programming and Policies

Our products have been developed to be as useful as possible in most environments without modification. If you have a specific feature that you need, it may be possible to incorporate that function into a customized version of our products. Custom programming charges vary between US$100 per hour and $US175 per hour depending on the complexity of the task and the types of developers that may need to be involved. We have a five hour minimum for including even simple features and most projects end up being in the US$100 per hour range.

Ithicos Solutions LLC (Ithicos) will engage in custom development projects that involve either adding functionality to our existing product line or add-on functionality that supports our existing product line. These customizations fall in to one of two categories:

Base products extensions: Extensions to base products including adding customizations or new features to existing Ithicos software. These customizations or new features are then incorporated in to future releases.

Custom tools or applications: New tools or applications are developed that are not part of the Ithicos product set or features are added existing software that will not be included in future versions. Creating a specific software version that is not part of the major release creates a code fork that can potentially raise support issues in the future. Contact us if you are interested in discussing custom development.

Customization and Code Ownership

Ithicos Solutions retains ownership of and rights to all code developed for custom projects unless otherwise stipulated in the statement of work or other written agreement. Ithicos and the customer may reach an agreement for shared development cost if the feature set that is being developed is useful in future versions of the software, but this implies no shared ownership or shared rights to the code.

Statement of Work and Acceptance of Work

Prior to development commencing development of any custom project, a statement of work concerning the feature set that will be developed, functionality, and possible use-cases must be developed. The customer’s representative must agree to this statement of work prior either in writing or via e-mail.

Future or additional development falls outside of the original statement of work. Both sides must agree to amend the statement of work and this may affect the quoted cost estimate as well as timeline for delivery of the custom work.

Once a final version of the work is produced, Ithicos and the customer agree that the project has been delivered as expected. This constitutes an end to the custom development project.

Statement Software Support

Web 2.0-based software is developed with specific browsers, server operating systems, and web server software in mind. Web 2.0-based software may include client-side JavaScript and other Ajax technologies. Ithicos Solutions LLC develops software for the current versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Edge, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Internet Information Server, the Microsoft .NET Framework, and Google Chrome.

Changes by vendors such as Microsoft or Google to their products may result in future incompatibilities of any Web 2.0 based software.

Software that falls in to the category of extensions to base products will be supported for one year from the date of delivery. As long as the customer keeps their software maintenance agreement current, the software will continue to be adapted to future browsers and server versions though the customer may be required to update to newer versions in order to fix functionality issues. These updates are provided at no charge as part of the ongoing maintenance and support agreement.

Software that falls in to the category of custom tools or standalone applications will be supported for one year from the date of delivery. Ongoing software maintenance can be purchased from Ithicos; the pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Provided Software, Libraries, and Controls

Ithicos Solutions LLC uses the Visual Studio development environment along with the Telerik AJAX controls and various versions of the .NET Framework. Our installers may have complied dynamic link-libraries or screen controls from Ithicos, Microsoft, and Telerik. The customer may not use these libraries and/or their exposed controls for purposes other than supporting the purchased Ithicos products unless they have specifically purchased use licenses from Ithicos, Telerik, or Microsoft. Reverse engineering is prohibited.

Customer-Side Customization

All supported customization is performed in the XML files that are provided in the application’s .\Settings folder.

By the very nature of web-based development, web applications include cascading style sheets (CSS), HTML files, and active server pages (ASP or ASPX) that can be edited by any text editor. While the customer can edit these files to further, changing the ASPX, ASP, CSS, or HTML puts the application in to an unsupported state. Future updates will overwrite these files and require re-customization.

During a support incident, Ithicos Solutions may require that the software be re-installed or that files be returned to their default values.

Extended Customer Support Consulting Services

Extended support is available on an hourly basis for software that is no longer officially supported or for software interaction with unrelated Ithicos technologies. This may include training, troubleshooting, or other technology related consulting. A statement of work must be defined and quote provided before an engagement can begin.

Last Review: 8 July 2024