Feature Directory Update Directory Manager Standard Directory Manager Advanced Directory Search Directory Password
Self-service updates
Authorized updates of other users
Web-browser interface
Hyper-link phone numbers and email addresses
View / Search the directory
Configurable user update template
User can change their own password if they know it
Authorized user can reset other user’s passwords
User can reset their own password or unlock their own account
Export search results
Authorized user can unlock a locked account
Authorized user can disable an account
Email notifications of updates
Changes logged to text file
Upload photos to Active Directory
Upload photos to Office 365
Authorized user can edit Active Directory contacts
Customizable language, help text, and labels
Ensure user data accuracy using drop-down lists
Validate user data using Regular Expressions
Authorized user can create user accounts and contacts
Execute custom PowerShell script on user creation
Authorized can deactivate or delete users and contacts
Authorized user can edit user's group membership
Last Review: 28 November 2019