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Ithicos Solutions LLC

Ithicos Solutions LLC is a registered Microsoft Partner based in Honolulu, Hawaii but operating out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The company was founded in 2007 as a company dedicated to the development, sales, and support of the tools that were originally developed as part of a single consulting contract. Though the company is based in Honolulu, Hawaii, we have customers in all corners of the globe. Our original company's (ITCS Hawaii) business model has always been to empower customers to do the job themselves through training, over-the-shoulder consulting, and group collaboration.

Ithicos Solutions continues that tradition by enabling our customers (an organization’s IT department) to empower their own customers (the end users) to be more efficient.

If you are wondering where the name Ithicos comes from, it was a name that we made up (it was partially derived from “ITCS Hawaii”.) The first time we Googled the word, we got no hits.

About our team

We are still a small company: we have no receptionist, no sales people, and no marketing department. If you talk to someone in the company or e-mail someone in the company, more than likely you are talking to one of the owners or developers. At any given time, our entire staff may be on consulting projects or on site working with our local customers. Our team includes:

Jim McBee

Jim McBee – Jim is Ithicos Solutions's Managing Member. Chances are you will be in touch with him either when ordering, activating your software, or if you have an Active Directory issue. Jim's background is Exchange Server and Active Directory consulting and has been an Exchange Server MVP since 2001. He is best known for his writing and work in the Microsoft Exchange Server community including speaking at events world-wide and publishing the Exchange 24Seven and Mastering Exchange Server series of books.

He originally founded ITCS Hawaii in 1993 to provide training services and consulting in Honolulu. In 2007, he helped found Ithicos Solutions LLC. He handles not only provides day-to-day business administration support but often front-line technical support for Ithicos Solutions. In his spare time, he skis, travels, hikes, and enjoys time with his Siberian Huskies.

Exchange 2003

Exchange 2010

Matt Suriya

Matt Suriya – Matt holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Hawaii where he specialized in user interface design and medical informatics as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Kasetsart University. He is the lead architect for Ithicos Solutions overseeing development, quality assurance, and software release management.

Matt's interests include technology, running, snowboarding, fitness, Renaissance art, and travel. He is originally from Bangkok, Thailand but has traveled the world extensively. In 2007, he co-founded Ithicos Solutions with Jim McBee.

A little about our roots

Necessity is the mother of invention. Our first application (Directory Update) started out as a consulting project that Jim McBee and ITCS Hawaii was doing for a large customer. The customer has a global web/LDAP directory used by approximately 120,000 people. The global directory was built by synchronizing from approximately one dozen separate Active Directory forests using Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) server.

The problem is that the telephone number, address, job title, and office information in these separate Active Directory forests was not accurate. The customer did not want to install the client version of GALMOD on all the desktops nor was the web-based version of GALMOD flexible enough for their needs. Other third party solutions were too expensive and cumbersome. Having each user submit a Help Desk ticket once or twice a year would overwhelm the help desk. A custom Web application was designed and developed for this organization's needs.

A few other customers inquired about using this application on their systems. From these requests, Ithicos Solutions and the Directory Update application was born. (And, a few customers' Active Directory databases are now much more accurate.)

Last Review: 11 Feb 2022